Honey fraud

A recent US study showed that three-quarters of the honeys sampled had been ultra-filtered. Andrew Schneider of Food Safety News reports on what this means for consumers. So is honey being ultra-filtered here in New Zealand? We test 10 honeys from the supermarket with Dr Ian Raine of GNS Science and discuss the findings with Linda Croudis of Oritain Global, and Russell Frew of the University of Otago.

DNA barcoding

The International Barcode of Life aims to create a massive DNA database, meaning consumers of the future will be able to tell exactly where their food and even their garden furniture comes from. We're speaking to Professor Andrew Lowe of the University of Adelaide, co-chair of last week's fourth International Barcode of Life conference.

Cognitive chewing

Neuroscience writer Jonah Lehrer on the cognitive benefits of chewing gum.

Home Brewing 8: taste test

It's taste test time in our homebrewing series. Our two home brewed versions of an Australian Pale Ale go head-to-head with a store-bought version with a proper label! With Stu McKinlay of Yeastie Boys and Jessica Venning-Bryan of Beervana.

Pippin Barr

We're playing video games with Pippin Barr. Pippin's a New Zealander who lectures at the University of Copenhagen's Center for Computer Game Research. He's just written a book called 'How to Play a Video Game'.

Naked Science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith of the Naked Scientists. This week, a computer program that detects when photos have been photoshopped, airbrushed or otherwise manipulated. Plus a new study on London taxi drivers shows how their brains change and grow while they're learning the layout of the city.