Francesca Brice and Kate Jason Smith of Pacific Perfumes try to make people smell good for a living.

Green gyms

Hudson Harr of ReRev is one of those behind the 'green gym' movement in the US. These gyms are generating power from their training equipment and spin classes.

Food questions: Canning

More food questions with Professor Julian Heyes of Massey University. What does the canning process do to the vitamin and nutritional content of tinned fruit and veg?

Bicycles: Robert Penn

'It's all about the bike' for Robert Penn. Robert's a lifelong bike nut who's been assembling his dream ride and explores the history, design and culture of the bicycle in the process.

Cycling standing or sitting?

We hop on a hi-tech racing bike in a human performance sports lab with lecturer Phil Fink of Massey University. So what's the difference between pedalling a bike sitting down in the saddle versus standing on the pedals?