Code Cracking

The history of the barcode- from the first pack of chewing gum scanned in a US supermarket in 1974, to RFID.

Buns and Guns

We're off to a Hezbollah-themed eatery in Beirut in Lebanon.

Packed Launch

Will jetpacks become a viable commuter vehicle?


Kiwi Nigel Richards has just become the first non-North American to win the US national Scrabble champs.

Cubic Rubric

Invented behind the Iron Curtain, the Rubik's Cube was the three-dimensional puzzle that took off in the 80s.

Sounds Cool

Bill Thompson on the new internet search engine, Cuil.

Dr Pepper

Our vegetable buff Mike Morley-Bunker on the's related to the potato apparently!

New Inventions

Springy airline seats, shock detectors and the new way to detect coronary heart disease.