In Vitro Meats

Scientists think they've found a way to grow meat for human consumption in the lab.


The skin of small rodents or a pink cloth used to cover female actors genitalia?

Caviar and Car Crashes

Be set to pay even more for your caviar as stocks of sturgeon fall; and the perils of driving in Iran.

Swindled Part 1

Part 1 of our five-part adaptation of Bee Wilson's history of food fraud.

Cheerful Chickens

A few tips on keeping your chooks happy, and our chicken expert Darcy Philp answers some of your questions.

Bits and Bytes

Bill Thompson on Torrent spy's $110 million fine; and it seems Apple's iPhone is coming to New Zealand - but which version will we get?

Homing Fish

Training fish to come home and be caught may provide a partial solution to the world's fish shortage.

All the Milk in China

The Chinese are feeling the dairy pinch too.