4 Jan 2013

Week in Review Jan 4 2013

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 4 January 2013

A review of the week's news, including... an accusation that the US government mislead the courts over pirated material on Kim Dotcom's Megaupload website, a record low six deaths on New Zealand roads during the official holiday period, St John ambulance says it's taking up to 80 thousand people to hospital each year unnecessarily, we talk to a new Knight recognised for his services to broadcasting and the public in the New year's honours list, a homeowner in Lower Hutt says her neighbourhood has turned into a ghetto after Housing New Zealand moved tenants out of the area, a triple-murderer claims to have done away with his alter ego named Hell, a persona he says urged him to kill women, why Americans in Colorado are now officially allowed to use marijuana and New Zealand's most famous sheep is on his final journey to Te Papa Museum, where he will be imortalised at the hands of a taxidermist.