4 May 2018

The Week In Review for week ending Fri May 4 2018

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 4 May 2018

A review of the week's news including... The Minister of Energy receives no concessions from oil company BP over their pricing strategies, banks have been told to provide proof they are behaving ethically, the failing meth rehab funding system, the Drug Foundation backs an Auckland school which is under fire for issuing pamphlets describing how to safely use P, the Police say the partner of the Prime Minister is not and has not been the subject of a police inquiry after widespread rumours were published, a tax specialist says the Government's indulging in 'industrial strength optimism' if it thinks retailers around the world will jump on board it's GST plan, a snub by US president Donald Trump has the Government worried about the future for New Zealand aluminum and steel exports, schools that have tackled unconscious bias among their teachers say it has a big impact on Maori students' achievement, a new report shows New Zealand companies are seriously lagging behind other developed nations in using artificial intelligence and the Dominion Post downsizes to tabloid.