25 Mar 2016

The Week In Review for week ending Fri Mar 25 2016

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 25 March 2016

A review of the week's news including... the country votes to keep its current flag, New Zealand's largest company doubles its profit while dairy farmers are squeezed, eight years in prison for the man who threatened to release 1080 contaminated infant milk formula into the market, the Prime Minister comes under pressure to disclose how much taxpayer's money has been spent on legal costs in the so-called Teapot-Tapes defamation case, what real estate can be bought around the country for the amount Auckland first home buyers expect to pay for their first home? what effects do the 100 trillion microbes living in, on and around us humans have on our health? firms are still crying out for skilled workers despite the surge in foreigners coming to New Zealand to live and work and aircraft enthusiasts from around the world are heading to this year's Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow.