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2012 Te Papa Treaty Debate 1 – the WAI 262 claim
4pm Sunday 29 January 2012

Justice Joe Williams and public law specialist Mai Chen discuss the Waitangi Tribunal’s long-awaited first “whole of government” report – the first to consider what the Treaty relationship might become after historical grievances are settled, and how that relationship might be shaped by changes in New Zealand’s demographic makeup over the next 30 to 40 years.

2012 Te Papa Treaty Debate 2 – the constitutional review
4pm Sunday 5 February 2012

John Burrows outlines the forthcoming constitutional review which he is co-chairing, looking at a wide range of issues to do with New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements: the size of Parliament, the length of parliamentary terms and whether or not they should be fixed, the relationship between Maori and the Crown, the role of the Treaty, and whether New Zealand should have a written constitution. Professor Burrows discusses the topic with commentators Nin Tomas and Claudia Geiringer.