NOW 2 by Wellington Sea Shanty Society

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 4 August 2015

Nick Bollinger sets sail on the latest offering from the Wellington Sea Shanty Society.

Wellington Sea Shanty Society NOWThey call themselves The Wellington Sea Shanty Society and, to all intents and purposes that’s what they are; a couple of Wellington-based musicians singing sea shanties, with accordion in place of the more traditional concertina and a rattling rhythm section, like you might expect to find in a good Irish bar. The two principal members are Vorn Colgan and the singer known simply as Lake. Colgan has been putting out recordings for the last decade or so under the name of Vorn; defiantly indie offerings centred on his varied and original songs. Lake has been a mainstay of future-folk trio Urbantramper. And among the worksongs and whaling ballads they manage to slip in a few fine tunes of their own.

Songs played: Le Crosaire Le Grand Coureur, All For Me Grog, NZ Whales, Mingulay Boat Song, The Ballad Of Young Nick

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