4 Aug 2015

Walking The Skeleton by Rackets

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 4 August 2015

Nick Bollinger reviews the latest release from Auckland power-trio Rackets.

Rackerts Walking the SkeletonThe initial impression of this Auckland trio is of unreconstructed punks: breathless tempos, fat distorted chords, vocals with attitude. But you don’t have to dig far beneath the din to find hooks and melodies with all the values of classic pop. After the first few tracks, the tempos and textures start to vary in all sorts of ways. The Pixies are an obvious influence, but I get the feeling there’s Buzzcocks and even Beatles in Rackets musical DNA. Working with producer Bob Frisbee - who might have made more great garage pop records than anyone else in this country - Rackets have created an album with no lack of light and shade or colour.


Songs played: Separator, King Of The Dirt Pile, Swan Song, Slave To The Hat, Kristen, Wash My Brain Out, Cult Of Rackets

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