21 Jul 2015

Tamobolero by Totó La Momposina y Sus Tambores

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 21 July 2015

Jim Pinckney rejoices in the revitalized sounds of Colombian legend Toto la Momposina.

Toto La Momposina TomboleroFirst released on Peter Gabriel’s Real World in 1993 as La Candela Viva, and now available again in a restored and extended edition, Colombian singer and folklorist Totó La Momposina’s Tambolero is a refreshed classic. Adding two previously unreleased tracks to this landmark album, the much sampled singer is joined by two of her granddaughters, one of whom was present at the original sessions as a mere toddler.

After a 60 year career that has been dedicated to preserving the music of her ancestors and countryfolk, this passing of the baton feels quite monumental. It’s all been done with a deft touch, and a genuinely simpatico attitude towards the sanctity of the original album. Even with some refreshed musical parts it never feels like the well worn grooves of La Candela Viva have been unnecessarily tampered with, more that an old recording has been fully brought out into the light, with the help of modern technology and techniques.

Songs Played:  Tambolero, La Acabacion, Curura, Chi Chi Mani, La Candela Viva, Adios Fulana, El Pescador, La Sombra Negra