30 Jun 2015

The Great Cybernetic Depression by Princess Chelsea

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 30 June 2015

Jim Pinckney heads for the stars with Princess Chelsea's sophomore epic The Great Cybernetic Depression.

Princess Chelsea The Great CyberneticPrincess Chelsea has headed to outer space on her second album The Great Cybernetic Depression, with cosmic, airbrushed nebular artwork and imagery that evokes  a sense of the future viewed from the  recent past. Accompanying that new look is an updated musical aesthetic, apparently inspired by artists like the Eurythmics, Ultravox, Human League and Soft Cell. While that may be true in the sense of instrumentation - this is an album steeped in shiny synthesizer tones and iconic 80’s drum machine sounds - it is still very much her own unique quirky concoction, and not nearly the radical departure that is hinted at. Working with a relatively minimal palette it is abundantly clear how much time and effort has gone into selecting just the right sounds and elements to furnish her baroque songs of disillusionment and anxiety.

Songs featured: Too Many People, Is It All OK?, We Are Strangers, Winston Crying On The Bathroom Floor, We Are Strangers, We’re So Lost, All The Stars,

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