23 Jun 2015

The Wet EP by Instant Fantasy

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 23 June 2015

Instant Fantasy WetLamentably only available as a 5 track digital release, The Wet EP from Christchurch artist Instant Fantasy is one of the years most beguiling releases thus far. Gemma Syme who is Instant Fantasy may be working under a new name for this project but she is no newcomer and already has a solid reputation in the murky recesses of the New Zealand underground with outfits like Diana Rozz, 47 Diamantes and Fantasing.

This gloriously moody EP is such a sparse and haunted affair that every single tick and pulse is keenly felt, and magnified by the space around it. The instrumentation generally comprises of little more than delicate synthesised keyboard tones and the shadows of a drum track. It’s ruthlessly minimalistic and in the wrong hands that could turn tedious very quickly, but Syme coaxes colour from the subdued tones, and imprints memorable melodies on her svelte skeletons of songs.

Songs featured: I’ve Given Up On You, Wake Up With Bruises, Love Is Not Enough, I Don’t See An Honest Man, You’re A Liar

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