12 May 2015

Last Year's Savage by Shilpa Ray

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 12 May 2015

Nick Bollinger checks an album from the Nick Cave-endorsed New York singer and harmonium player Shilpa Ray.

Shilpa Ray Last Year s SavageShilpa Ray is a New Yorker of Indian ancestry who accompanies her powerful voice with a harmonium – a traditional Indian pump organ. She also has a band who can rock hard or simmer slowly, while she delivers her biting, ironic odes to Johnny Thunders, Broadway and the various aspects of the modern world. Nick Cave is a long-time fan – she accompanied Grinderman on a tour of the American South in 2010 – but this looks like the year that everyone finds out just how good she is.

Songs Featured: Burning Bride, Pop Song For Euthanasia, Shilpa Ray On Broadway, Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp, Sanitary I-Pad, Moksha, Hymn

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