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Music details:

Artist: Damon Albarn
Songs: Everyday Robots, Hostiles, Lonely Press Play, Hollow Ponds, Seven High, The Selfish Giant, Mr Tembo, Photographs
Composer: Albarn
Album: Everyday Robots
Label: Parlophone

Artist: Tiny Ruins
Songs: Jamie Blue, Carriages, Straw Into Gold, Me at the Museum and You in the Wintergardens, The Ballad of the Hanging Parcel, She’ll Be Coming Round, Chainmail Maker
Composer: Fullbrook
Album: Brightly Painted One
Label: Arch Hill

Artist: Leo Welch
Songs: Praise His Name, Take Care Of Me Lord, His Holy Name, Somebody Touched Me
Composer: Welch
Album: Sabougla Voices
Label: Big Legal Mess