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Music details:

Artist: The La De Da's
Songs: Little Girl, Jump Back, Don't Stand In My Way
Composer: uncredited
Album: La De Da's
Label: Real Groovy Records

Artist: The Scavengers
Songs: True Love, Mysterex, Violence, First In Line
Composer: The Scavengers
Album: The Scavengers
Label: Real Groovy Records

Artist: Spelling Mistakes
Songs: Anti-Social, Feels So Good, I Hate The Spelling Mistakes, No Contact
Composer: Spelling Mistakes
Album: Feels So Good
Label: Real Groovy records

Artist: The Axemen
Song: Ferris Wheel
Composer: McCabe
Song: Rocks In My Heart
Composer: Brannigan
Song: The Tragic Tale of The Rock 'n' Roll Legend
Composer: McCabe
Song: Disc To Disc
Composer: Brannigan/McCabe
Album: Derry Legend
Label: Luxury Products

Artist: The Axemen
Songs: High Horse, Kookaburra
Composer: Stojanovic, McCabe
Album: Sac Tap Nut Jam
Label: Spacecase

Artist: The Axemen
Song: Big Cheap Motel
Composer: The Axemen
Album: Big Cheap Motel
Label: Siltbreeze