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Music details:

Artist: Liam Finn
Songs: Wrestle With Dad, The Nihilist, Snug As Fuck
Composer: Finn
Song: Ocean Emmanuelle
Composer: Finn/Mulholland/Finn
Song: Helena Bonham Carter
Composer: Finn/Finn/Barnes
Song: Wild Animal
Composer: Finn/Finn/Mulholland/Barnes
Album: The Nihilist
Label: Liberation

Artist: Kevin Borich
Songs: Lovin’ Boogie, She Can’t Help It, Soap Box Bitchin’ Blues, Love Train, Encounter
Composer: Borich
Album: Totem

Artist: Greg Fleming
Songs: Nobody, Working Poor, There She Goes, Honeysuckle Love, The Good, Winter Sun
Composer: Fleming
Album: Forget The Past
Label: Forget The Past Records

Artist: Flip Grater
Songs: The Quit, Exit Sign, Justin Was A Junkie, Hide and Seek, The Smell Of Strangers
Composer: Grater
Album: Pigalle
Label: Maiden Records