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Music details:

Artist: Tami Nerilson
Songs:Come Over, Cry Over You, You Lie, Woo Hoo
Songs: Honey Girl, Running To You
Composer: Neilson/Davidson
Album: Dynamite
Label: Southbound

Artist: B.I.A. (Bryce International Airways)
Songs: Life Gets In The Way, Ride On, Bad Day Good Night, Ennui, Minds In Limbo
Composer: Martin
Album: Into The Wind
Label: Tasman

Artist: Sven Olsen’s Brutal Canadian Love Saga
Songs: Sweet Uncompromising Nation, Porter Stone, Big In The Diminutive, Fairhall River Claret, Kron Of Hastings, God Gave Us Lemons So We Made Citrus Queens, The Ghost Of Gimblett Gravels, Poking The Borax
Composer: Beckford
Album: The Almanac
Label: Independent