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Artist: Robert Glasper Experiment
Song: Baby Tonight
Composer: Glasper/Colenburg/Hodge/Benjamin
Song: Trust
Composer: Glasper/Ambrosius
Song: Yet To Find
Composer: Glasper/Martin
Song: Calls
Composer: Glasper/Scott
Song: Persevere
Composer: Glasper/Snoop Dogg/Lupe Fiasco/James/Sun
Song: Let It Ride
Composer: Glasper/Munsinah Abdul Khan
Song: I Stand Alone
Composer: Glasper/Common/Stump/Benjamin
Album: Black Radio 2
Label: Blue Note

Artist: Jake Bugg
Songs: There's A Beast And We All Feed It, Slumville Sunrise, Me and You, Kingpin, A Song About Love, Messed Up Kids, Storm Passes Away
Composer: Bugg/Archer
Album: Shangri-La
Label: Universal

Artist: Swamp Thing
Songs: Bumpin' and Grindin', How Long, Voodoo Doll, Hand In A Hole, Swamp Thing, The Reckoning, Come With Me
Composer: Barker/Haua
Album: Primordium
Label: Independent