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Nick Bollinger reviews a set of '60s-inspired pop from Lisa Crawley, and fresh releases from the archives of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

Artist: Lisa Crawley
Songs: The Tide Is Low, Stranger, Imagination, What Would I Give, Better Lands
Composer: Crawley
Album: All In My Head
Label: Lisa Crawley

Artist: Elvis Presley
Song: The Promised Land
Composer: Berry
Song: Raised On Rock
Composer: James
Song: Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Composer: O'Keefe
Song: You Asked Me To
Composer: Shaver/Jennings
Song: I Got A Feeling In My Body
Composer: Linde
Song: I've Got A Thing About You Baby
Composer: White
Album: Elvis At Stax
Label: RCA

Artist: Bob Dylan
Songs: All the Tired Horses, If Not For You, Time Passes Slowly
Composer: Bob Dylan
Songs: Pretty Saro, Little Sadie, Days Of 49, Bring Me Little Water
Composer: Trad. Arr. Bob Dylan
Song: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
Composer: Null
Album: Another Self Portrait
Label: Columbia