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Trevor Reekie sits in for the knowledgeable Nick Bolllinger and reviews the new album from Dunedin songwriter Matt Langley; the stoner doom of Wellington's Beastwars as well as the new album from UK electronica pioneers Depeche Mode.

Music details

Artist: Matt Langley
Songs: 7-13 (Featherbones album), Into The Fire, Told You So, Love Inside, Sad Sounds Good, Ghost Wanted, Cemetery Stone
Composer: Matt Langley
Album: Virginia Avenue
Label: Matt Langley Music

Artist: Beastwars
Songs: Blood Becomes Fire, Dune, Imperium, Tower of Skulls, Riverman, Shadow King The Sleeper
Composer: Beastwars
Album: Blood Becomes Fire
Label: Beastwars (Universal)

Artist: Depeche Mode
Songs: Welcome To My World, Heaven, Angel, My Little Universe, Goodbye
Composer: Gore - Gahan - Uenala
Album: Delta Machine
Label: Mute Records