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Nick Bollinger reviews new albums from veteran guitar hero Eric Clapton and 21st century axeman Kurt Vile, plus the reissue of a lost 70s New Zealand classic from Waves.

Music details

Artist: Waves
Songs:Waterlady Song, Ocean Neon Song
Composer: Marshall
Songs: The Dolphin Song, Castle Gates, Wornout Rocker, Vegas
Composer: Gash
Song: Arrow
Composer: Wildman
Album: Waves/Misfit
Label: Ode

Artist: Eric Clapton
Song: The Folks Who Live On The Hill
Composer: Hammerstein/Kern
Song: All Of Me
Composer: Marks/Simons
Song: Til Your Well Runs Dry
Composer: Tosh
Song: Further On Down The Road
Composer: Mahal/Davis
Song: Our Love Is Here To Stay
Composer: Gershwin/Gershwin
Song: Gotta Get Over
Composer: Bramhall/Stanley/Costa
Song:Still Got The Blues
Composer: Moore
Album: Old Sock
Label: Bushbranch/Polydor

Artist: Kurt Vile
Songs: Wakin' On A Pretty Day, Too Hard, KV Crimes, Was All Talk, Goldtone
Composer: Vile
Album: Wakin' On A Pretty Daze
Label: Matador