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Nick Bollinger reviews new music from Urban Tramper, Rhian Sheehan, Nathan Haines and Jonathan Zwartz.

Music details

Artist: Urban Tramper
Songs: Sailors, Planes, My Heart Beats Slow, Great Open Sea, Sail On
Composer: Urban Tramper
Album: Tomorrow We Leave Here
Label: Home Alone Music

Artist: Rhian Sheehan
Songs: Sileo, Imber, Nocturne 1985, A Thimble Full Of Sorrow, Creation Myths, La Boite A Musique, Somnus
Composer: Sheehan
Album: Stories From Elsewhere
Label: Loop

Artist: Nathan Haines
Songs: Five Dimensions, Celestial You, Lady Lywa, Navarino Street, First Light
Composer: Haines
Song: Lament
Composer: Johnson
Album: Vermillion Skies
Label: Warner

Artist: Jonathan Zwartz
Songs: Shimmer, Wait Until The Morning, Sugar Hill Picnic, Luminous
Composer: Zwartz
Album: The Remembering and Forgetting of the Air
Label: Australia Council