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In this year’s final Sampler Nick Bollinger revisits some of his favourite albums of the past 12 months.

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dirty projectors swing lo magellanArtist: Dirty Projectors
Songs: Swing Lo Magellan, Gun Has No Trigger, About To Die
Composer: Longstreth
Album: Swing Lo Magellan
Label: Domino


fiona apple idler wheelArtist: Fiona Apple
Songs: Jonathan, Left Alone, Periphery
Composer: Apple
Album: The Idler Wheel…
Label: Clean Slate/Epic


Boys and GirlsArtist: Alabama Shakes
Songs: Hold On, You Ain't Alone, Hang Loose
Composer: Alabama Shakes
Album: Boys and Girls
Label: Rough Trade


Patti Smith bangaArtist: Patti Smith
Songs: Amerigo
Composer: Smith/Shanahan
Song: Nine
Composer: Smith
Album: Banga
Label: Columbia


Leonard Cohen Old IdeasArtist: Leonard Cohen
Song: Darkness
Composer: Cojen
Songs: Show Me The Place, Going Home
Composer: Cohen/Leonard
Album: Old Ideas
Label: Columbia


TempestArtist: Bob Dylan
Songs: Ancient roman Kings, Roll On John
Composer: Dylan
Album: Tempest
Label: Columbia


Home BrewArtist: Home Brew
Song: Listen To Us
Composer: Scott/Hoey/Huavi
Song: Everybody
Composer: Scott/Kozarski/James/Tuiasu/Feruleai
Song: Datura/White Flowers
Composer: Scott/Dick/Tuiasu
Album: Home Brew
Label: Independent


Hope and WireArtist: The Eastern
Songs: State Houses By The River, Hope and Wire, Turn it Around
Composer: McGrath
Album: Hope and Wire
Label: RPR


lawrence arabia the sparrowArtist: Lawrence Arabia
Songs: Lick Your Wounds, The Listening Times, Travelling Shoes
Composer: Milne
Album: The Sparrow
Label: Honorary Bedouin


Doug Jerebine is Jesse HarperArtist: Doug Jerebine
Songs: Midnight Sun, Reddened Eyes, Ashes and Matches
Composer: Jerebine
Album: Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper
Label: Drag City


Toy LoveArtist: Toy Love
Songs: Rebel, I Don't Mind
Composer: Knox/Bathgate/Walker/Kean/Dooley
Album: Toy Love
Label: Real Groovy Records