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Nick Bollinger reviews a new album of southern storytelling from Jim White; a collaboration between David Byrne and indie singer-songwriter Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent; and the solo debut of Wellington drummer – and singer – Craig Terris.

Music details

Love This GiantArtist: David Byrne & St. Vincent
Songs: Who, Weekend In The Dust, The One Who Broke Your Heart, I Am An Ape, I Should Watch TV
Composer: Byrne/Clark
Song: Ice Age
Composer: Ice Age
Album: Love This Giant
Label: 4AD


Where It Hits YouArtist: Jim White
Songs: Chase The Dark Away, The Way Of Alone, My Brother's Keeper, Epilogue To A Marriage, Sunday's Refrain, Here We Go, Why It's Cool
Composer: White
Album: Where It Hits You
Label: Yep Roc


Bleat Your Heart OutArtist: Craig Terris
Songs: If We All come Clean, Hazy Nights and Lazy Days, How Do I Speak, Ahead of the Storm, The Hills Of Song, Don't Fight Your Eyes
Composer: Terris
Album: Bleat Your Heart Out
Label: Independent