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Nick Bollinger reviews new local releases from singer-songwriters Matthew Pickering and Bill Morris, and young roots-rockers Johnsonville City Nights; and previews an archival double album – on vinyl! – from Legacy Award winners Toy Love.

Music details:

Matthew PickeringArtist: Matthew Pickering
Songs: Hands Up, If You Cut Your Hair, Fumble For Change
Composer: Pickering
Song: Up At the Bunkers
Composer: Pickering/Fullbrook
Album: Up At The Bunkers
Label: Independent

Artist: Bill Morris
Songs: Mud, One More, Last Year's Starlings, Coronation Day China
Composer: Morris
Album: MudIndependent

Johnsonville City NightsArtist: Johnsonville City Nights
Songs: I Don't Know How To Let You Down, Shit Ain't So Bad, Temporary Reprieve, Strange But Not A Stranger
Composer: Johanssen
Album: Johnsonville City Nights
Label: Death and Wierdness

Toy LoveArtist: Toy Love
Songs: Squeeze, Rebel, Don't Ask Me, Bride Of Frankenstein, Swimming Pool
Composer: Knox/Dooley/Bathgate/Kean/Walker
Album: Toy Love Double LP
Label: Real Groovy/Flying Nun