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Nick Bollinger reviews recent vinyl pressings from local artists The Raw Nerves, The Eastern, The Eversons and Gianmarco Liguori.

Music details

Artist: The Eversons
Songs: Going Back To Work, Terminally Lame, Could It Ever Get Better, Marriage, Heading Overseas, Creepy, Kick Him Out
Composer: The Eversons
Album: Summer Feeling
Label: Li’l Chief

Artist: Gianmarco Liguori
Songs: Cosmic Protrusion, Primitive Nighhtmare, Indian Milk, Energy Wind, Translucent Formlessness
Composer: Liguori
Album: Duga 3
Label: Sarang Bang

Artist: The Raw Nerves
Songs: Black Times, Clay, Nazi, Scared Bear, All F***ed Up
Composer: The Raw Nerves
Album: The Raw Nerves
Label: 1:12 Records

Artist: The Eastern
Songs: Turn It Around, The Waterside, Up Spinner
Composer: McGrath
Song: Wait Out The Winter
Composer: Shanks
Album: Hope and Wire
Label: RPM