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Best Music of 2011 (Part 3)

In a change to our usual programming, we're taking another listen to some of the best music of last year.

Over summer the Music 101 team gathered to discuss some of their favourite music from 2011. Today Trevor Reekie, Emma Smith, Nick Atkinson and host Kirsten Johnstone share their choices for 'best new discovery' and 'best new release from an established artist'.

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Artist: Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus
Song: Caminos
Composer: Soler/ Claus
Album: Barlande

Artist: Beastwars
Song: Damn The Sky
Composer: Anderson/Woods/Hyde/Hickey
Album: Beastwars
Label: Destroy

Artist: Tiny Ruins
Song: Death Of A Russian
Composer: H Fulbrook
Album: Some Were Meant For Sea
Label: Spunk

Artist: Bon Iver
Song: Holocene
Composer: Vernon
Album: Bon Iver, Bon Iver