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Nick Bollinger listens to Leonard Cohen’s latest album Old Ideas to see if the bard of darkness has any new ideas; and reviews recent local singer-songwriter releases from Bannerman and Jeremy Taylor.

Music details

Artist: Jeremy Taylor
Songs: Now You Love The Thing That You Have Lost, Black Feathers, Everybody Knows I’m Over, Finisher, Sleep Folds Around You
Composer: Taylor
Album: Stay In The Ai
Label: Slow Boat

Artist: Bannerman
Songs: Dearly Departed, The Howling Wind, Brother With A Bleeding Heart, The Year That Has Gone, Machines, I Was Only Having Some Fun, Rocks Are Just Lonely Hearts
Composer: Setford
Album: Bannerman
Label: Bannerman

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Songs: Going Home, Come Healing, Lullaby, Anyhow, Amen, The Darkness, Show Me The Place
Composer: Cohen
Album: Old Ideas
Label: Columbia