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Nick Bollinger discusses The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams: a multi-artist tribute to the Alabama-born country music legend; and talks to another Alabama native, Shelby Lynne, about her personal new album Revelation Road.

Music details

Artist: Various
Song: The Love That Faded
Composer: Williams/Dylan
Song: You've Been Lonesome Too
Composer: Williams/Jackson
Song: I Hope You Shed A Million Tears
Composer: Williams/Gill/Crowell
Song: I'm So Happy I Found You
Composer: Williams/Williams
Song: Oh Mama Come Home
Composer: Williams/Dylan
Song: You Know That I Know
Composer: Williams/White
Song: The Sermon On The Mount
Composer: Williams/Haggard
Album: The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams
Label: Egyptian/CMF/Columbia

Artist: Shelby Lynne
Song: Revelation Road, Heaven's Only Days Down The Road, Toss It All Aside, I Want To Go Back, Lead Me Love, Woebegone, I'll Hold Your Head
Composer: Shelby Lynne
Album: Revelation Road
Label: Everso