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Nick Bollinger reviews a fresh set of gypsy-tinged pop from Brooklyn-based band Beirut; an album of political broadsides from Ry Cooder; and speaks to Nelson singer-songwriter Aly Cook about her debut album, fan fundraising and recording with ‘How Bizarre’ producer Alan Jansson.

Beirut - The Riptide
A Candle's Fire
Payne's Bay
Santa Fe
East Harlem
(all Condon)

Aly Cook - Brand New Day (Ode, CDMANU5107)
Grow (Cook/Jansson)
Midnight Sun (Cook/Jansson/Van Vulpen)
Ruby Jean (Cook/Jansson)
Brand New Day (Cook/Jansson)
The River (Cook/Jansson)

Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down (Nonesuch, PRO400159)
No Banker Left Behind
El Corrido De Jesse James
Christmas Time This Year
John Lee Hooker For President
If There's A God (all Cooder)