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The Sampler for Tuesday 19 July 2011


Nick Bollinger reviews the debut of Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno; the Saharan psychedelia of Juju; a regional concept album from Kapiti folk duo Rosy Tin Teacaddy; and an archival set from Neil Young.

Gaby Moreno - Still The Unknown (World Connection, WC43106)
Little Sorrow
Song Of You
It's Been A Pleasure
Wrong Side Of The Road
Non Estoy Tan Mal (all Gaby Moreno)
Amapola (trad. Arr. Moreno)

Neil Young - A Treasure (Reprise,9362495793)
Amber Jean
It Might Have Been
Bound For Glory
Get Back To The Country
Nothing Is Perfect
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (all Young)

Rosy Tin Teacaddy - All Mountains Are Men (Earl Grey 003B)
Telegrams and Ashes
All Mountains Are Men
Falling From Grace
Blow Your Top
Out Of The Frying Pan (all Ewers-Hummel)

Juju - In Trance (Real World, CDRWDJ185)
Waide Nayde
Deep Sahara
Mariama Trance
Djanfa Moja (all Adams-Camara)