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Merle Carbury, an author in her own right, also teaches creative writing. Amid the tension of the final semester of the year, her many varied students prepare to submit their manuscripts. As Merle mentors their assorted ambitions observes the romantic entanglements of her colleague, worries about her husband, and is intrigued by her mysterious German lodger, she imparts and embodies how to write a novel.

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The Writing Class book cover Photo: Publisher

Stephanie Johnson is a writer of talent and distinction. Over the course of her award-winning career- during which she has written plays, poetry, short stories, and novels she has become a significant presence in the NZ literary landscape.

Read by Alison Quigan QSM. Alison is a New Zealand actress, director, and playwright.

Adapted for radio by Carol Dee

Recorded by Steve Burridge

Produced by Duncan Smith