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“It took me a long time to see that light gives landscape its own voice. Light creates mood and emotion in landscape. The land is a huge canvas on which light paints a complex and delicate picture” - Declan O’Neill.

Declan O'Neill

Photo: Declan O'Neill

Irish born New Zealand “snapper”and raconteur Declan O’Neill reads from the blog he kept detailing his back country photographic road trips accompanied by dogs Rufus and Toby. Rich in self-deprecating humour and ironic commentary targeting his dogs, his driving and the people he meets along the way. Declan’s quest is to capture striking and evocative images of the Southern Alps and other beautiful landscapes.

Declan first started experimenting with his father’s Voigtlander camera when he was 15 and started a life-long love affair with photography. Thirty years later, he gave up his day job as a corporate trainer in the United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand where he became a full-time photographer. Since then he has travelled extensively in the South Island of New Zealand trying to capture the extraordinary drama of the landscape.

See more of Declan’s photography on his website.