29 May 2014

The Panel with Joe Bennett and David Farrar (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:36 pm on 29 May 2014

Topics - More than 250 students from the US and seven other countries have gathered to compete for the top honour (and more than $33,000) in the annual Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. Euroskeptics have been celebrating huge success in the European Parliament elections. A surge of anti-EU and anti-establishment parties have given Europe's 28 leaders a wake up call after securing 30 percent of the EUs 751 seat legislature. Blame the parents, blame the kids, blame the drugs and the booze, blame the lascivious music vids... one US academic is blaming reality TV. An Anglican pastor's moving pastures and taking his flock with him because he is against his church blessing same-sex relationships. Charlie Hughes, is now the former vicar of St Michael's in Henderson, and says he cannot reconcile the decision of the church to recognise same sex relationships with his ordination vows.