22 Jun 2023

The Pre-Panel with David Farrar and Niki Bezzant

From The Panel, 3:45 pm on 22 June 2023

Wallace and panellists speak with SAFE about the return of the North Canterbury feral cat hunting competition.

Plus, our panellists tell us what has been on their mind this week. 

Feral cats occur in many parts of New Zealand, although they have been successfully eradicated from several islands, including Hauturu/Little Barrier. They are predators of many native birds and reptiles. Research by Patrick Garvey (PhD student supervised by Mick Clout) is revealing the nature of interactions between predators such as stoats and cats and is investigating the use of novel lures to attract these predators, to improve prospects for their control on the mainland. (Photo: Patrick Garvey, Lincoln 2013). Photo: