10 Aug 2020

The Panel with Ali Mau and Greg Brownless (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:02 pm on 10 August 2020

Wellington electric bike users are being warned to ensure they are well secured after a reported spate of electric bike thefts. One of the administrators of the Wellington Stolen Bicycles Facebook group says while some of the thefts are opportunistic, they fear some are more organised. What role do finances play when it comes to decisions about having children? The Panel is joined by Dr Pushpa Wood, who's the director of Massey University's financial education and research centre. Amid the rise in the number of Kiwis tackling DIY home renovations, experts are warning of the dangers of asbestos. Dr Terri-Ann Berry, Asbestos waste expert, joins The Panel to discuss. 'Spread the Love'! was created by three students from Wa Ora Montessori. CEO, Olivia Ediriweera talks to The Panel about The Young Enterprise Scheme in our weekly small New Zealand business feature.