7 Feb 2020

The Panel with Cindy Mitchener and Garry Moore (Part One)

From The Panel, 4:01 pm on 7 February 2020

The cost of clean up following flooding in lower South Island expected to run into millions. Climate Scientist Professor James Renwick says its' a glimpse of things to come as the climate continues to warm. Susan Hornsby Geluk has written an interesting piece about the access to justice, or lack of it. Among the issues is that the cost of representation in an authority hearing is too high compared to the remedies that are likely to be awarded. Typically it costs around $20,000 in legal fees to be represented in an authority hearing, a cost that many people cannot afford. US President Donald Trump now has a clear run to try and secure the US presidency for a second term, after being acquitted at his impeachment trial in Washington.