19 Dec 2019

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Conor English (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 19 December 2019

Have you ever been an extra in a film or TV series? Tell us about it. The merging of media continues - this time TV streaming platforms. Sky has bought Spark's streaming sevrice Lightbox and is expected to merge it with its own streaming platform, Neon . The merge will happen early next year. Co-Founder of Newsroom Mark Jennings joins the discussion. The Government confirmed yesterday that the minimum wage will be going up by $1.20 next year. The new rate of $18.90 will mean an extra $48 a week for minumum wage earners who work 40 hrs a week. NZCTU president Richard Wagstaff joins the discussion. Farmers last week were angry over their portrayal at a new environment exhibition at Te Papa. It seems Te Papa has listened, and has updated its water quality display after coming under fire for its use of dyed brown water to look as if it came from a farm stream. Celine Dion's Titanic anthem "My Heart Will Go On" is annoying more suburbs in Auckland. Residents in the Te Atatu Peninsula complained in June that they'd been facing the torment of this tune, played out of loudpeakers form a moving vehicle, for more than five years. Now two more suburbs are complaining.