5 Dec 2019

The Panel with Garry Moore and Jennie Moreton (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 5 December 2019

In EyeWitness today the prgramme focused on one of our most beloved TV shows Xena - Warrior Princess. It was super popular but for one woman it left a permanent mark on her life. It got us thinking - is there one thing or event that you can point to that changed your life? If a major earthquake were to strike Wellington, up to $80,000 commuters would likely be forced to walk home. In fact if a big one hit, the passenger rail network might well be out of action for almost three years, a report says. We talk to Scott Dray, Team Leader of Community Resilience at Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, about an event to highlight preparedness, the annual long walk home. A suite of draft changes to the insurance industry has been announced by Consumer affairs Minster Kris Kaafoi. Last year the Govt launched a review of the insurance contract law. Some of the changes include the onus being on the insurers to ask the right questions when it comes to people applying for new insurance and making the policy language understandable to the average kiwi. Everyone's a winner in the world's most sought after art prize. The Turner Prize is seen as one of the world's most prestigious prizes - previous winners include Steve McQueen, Rachel Whiteread and Damien Hirst. But this year it is different. There is no one grand winner there are four equal winners. Footballer David Beckham has ignored criticism of his PDA with his daughter Harper, sharing another photo of them kissing on the lips on social media. He's done so before, receiving lots of complaints from those who think it's inappropriate.