5 Dec 2019

The Panel with Garry Moore and Jennie Moreton (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 5 December 2019

The Commerce Commission has completed its year long study into fuel retailers, at the request of the Government out of concerns that motorists were being fleeced at the pumps. The Commission believes that the core problem is that an active wholesale market for fuel does not exist in New Zealand. Economist Bard Olsen joins the discussion. The Reserve Bank has ordered retail banks to hold $20 billion in capital - they want banks to be in a position to cope with a one in 200 year financial calamity. To achieve that it wants banks to have more capital to back their lending. Banking expert Claire Matthews explains. Last month we mentioned that in Japan women were fighting against mandatory workplace rules, making them wear high heels everyday. They called the movement KuToo. The movement's now expanded - women are stepping up to challenge other parts of these strict dress codes in the country.