3 Dec 2019

The Panel with Damian Christie and Victoria Stewart (Part Two)

From The Panel, 4:02 pm on 3 December 2019

Existential has been chosen as word of the year 2019. Dictionary.co says climate change, gun violence, and Toy Story star Forky helped the word take the title. Existential was searched many times in the aftermath of wildfirdes, mass shootings, and politics. There's been outrage and calls of racism after a crusie ship guests were given a fake Powhiri by non-Maori men at port of Tauranga. The NZ Herald reported yesterday the guests were welcomed by men with crude drawings on their faces in grass skirts, performing what appears to be an attempt at a powhiri. Shane Te Pou joins the discussion. Cafes, bars and restaurants are struggling big-time to fill their summer job vacancies, with some not reporting a SINGLE application This in spite of the large numbers of overseas tourists who pop up in that neck of the woods over summer. We ask Chris Roberts from Tourism Industry Aotearoa why that might be. Warm fuzzy news for dog lovers in Auckland - dogs of all sizes are now allowed on trains. sIt's second phase of Auckland transport's pets on trains trial. Previously - and for most of the rest of the country - only small dogs in carriers were allowed.