21 Nov 2019

The Panel with Janet Wilson and Raybon Kan (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 21 November 2019

Do you volunteer? Do you prefer to give money? Or do you do neither? Why? The government is considering cracking down on the bottled water industry, but has the horse already bolted? Exports rose by more than 270 percent last year. Niki Gladding from Water Action Aotearoa joins us to chat. Wellington's Civic Square has been a cause of concern in Wellington, with a report from 2017 labelling it a poorly functioning public space, and as yet, no plans to encourage more people to use it. The latest fad to hit Silicon Valley is 'dopamine fasting' where people take time off from the world - in some cases avoiding all external stimuli, including food and contact with people, in a bid to reboot the brain and make you appreciate everyday pleasures more ... but not everyone's convinced.