12 Nov 2019

The Panel with Julia Whaipooti and Chester Borrows (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:04 pm on 12 November 2019

Topics - What is proper public transport etiquette? What annoys you on the bus, ferry or train? An opinion piece on Stuff argues that the government's plan to reduce the number of Maori in prison won't make them safer. The writer says you have to take into account the crime they've been charged with. The success of safety barriers on the recently opened Kapiti expressway has prompted calls for more to be done on other roads aroudn the country. Figures from the NZTA show there was just one serious crash on the highway in the two years after it opened compared with seven on the old route in the two years prior. Dylan Thomsen from the AA joins the discussion. Some people are huggers, others not so much. But is hugging at work appropriate or not? A BBC piece says not. Alison Green, creator of a workplace advice column, asks whatever happened to a simple handshake? She goes on to say that while hugging used to be reserved for close family and friends, it's now common in the workplace.