12 Nov 2019

The Panel with Julia Whaipooti and Chester Borrows (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:02 pm on 12 November 2019

Topics - The government has announced a massive overhaul of the school system, stripping them of the right to manage their enrolment zones and their property. There'll also be minimum standards for new principals, and consider training for school trustees. Officials in New South Wales say the situation with the fires is unprecented and worse than imagined. The wildfires have torn across the region, burning through 850,000 hectares. At least three people are dead and 600 schools have closed. Grant Pearce, fire scientist at the Scion Rural Fire Research group, tells us why these fires is so disastrous. The Government is floating the ideas of what's known as Firearms prohibition orders, aimed at those with a history of violent offending, gun crimes or family harm. It would go wider than just gang members too and include those with extremist views or a history of abuse. The Helen Clark Foundation has released its latest report laying out what it calls 'the Christchurch Principles' which is a set of 10 broad recommendations for what government's and social media companies should take into account when coming up with regulations and policies. These include concepts such as a 'Duty to protect' by states and a 'responsibility to respect' by businesses. Martin Coker from Netsafe joins the discussion.