8 Nov 2019

The Panel with Ben Thomas and Verity Johnson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:02 pm on 8 November 2019

Dead musicians are taking the stage again in digital form. Roy Orbison, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Maria Callas, Ronne James Dio - all would be performing again, thanks to a new crop of companies putting Hollywood style digital recreations of famous musicians on stage. It got us thinking about the moral implications of resurrecting long dead artists. Yesterday Parliament showed a rare display of cross party unity in all but unanimously enacting the bill designed to make New Zealand net carbon zero by 2050. The Spinoff descibed it as massive in terms of New Zealand's efforts in confronting the climate crisis. The Prime Minister said it was an historic moment and that Parliament was no longer debating global warming but what to do about it. Victoria University's Professor James Renwick discusses whether it's enough. The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the removal of an ad on a dairy in Whangarei which displayed Streets ice creams - paddle pop, Magnum and Splice - with the tagline "Ice cream makes you happy". The removal came after a local resident complained that the ad was "extremely irresponsible" given our current issues of obesity and mental health in New Zealand. International U2 super fans causing problems with their queuing system at the gates of Mt Smart stadium. Comedian Stephen Colbert's trip to New Zealand cost us more than $100,000, Toursim NZ has revealed. The American visited the country last month after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern invited him on his late-night TV show. It's number one show on late night and Tourism New Zealand says it's expected to generate $5 million worth of advertising for the country when it airs later this month.