23 Oct 2019

The Panel with Mark Sainsbury and Janet Wilson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 23 October 2019

What film have you watched multiple times? What made it so good? An article from the BBC looks at the phenomenon of why in this era of peak content people return to re-watch old favourites time and time again. Last year Netflix uploaded some 140 hours of original new films, but it was the recent announcement that the 1987 film Dirty Dancing was coming to the platform that really got people excited. The Government is serious about encouraging young people into trades, putting $27 million into trades programmes at high school. Trades Academy and Gateway will have 2000 more placements thanks to the funding. Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Josh Williams joins the discussion. Wellington Airport's annonced yesterday plans for a $1 billion upgrade, which targets cutting carbon emissions from operations by 30 percent over the next 11 years. But it also wants to increase the number of flights by a quarter by 2040 - which has been met with wide-eyed despair from academics and climate change activists. Professor of Physics Shaun Hendy went a whole year without flying and joins the discussion.