22 Oct 2019

The Panel with Sue Bradford and Bernard Hickey (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 22 October 2019

Do your kids play one sport or many? Why? Nicholas Boyack for Stuff highlights an issue of frustration with New Zealand postal services for the local body election. Voting papers delivered well after voting had begun and lack of post boxes in general have been seen as issues of concern by electionz.com and Election Services. Cyclists are zooming down Auckland Northwestern cycleway as fast as cars, Auckland Transport says. They monitored speeds on the cycleway for two months after Newton Central School axed it's walking school bus because of near misses and abuse from cyclists. Jolisa Gracewood from Bike Auckland joins the discussion. Auckland Transport has voted to implement a bylaw which will lower speed limits on most Auckland roads, except those not categorised as high risk and where there is a significant preference for the status quo.