5 Aug 2019

The Panel with Ella Henry and Ben Thomas (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 5 August 2019

Two shootings in 24 hours in the US this weekend. First in El Paso, Texas. A shooting at a supermarket that left 20 people dead and another 26 injured. Hours later in Dayton, Ohio 9 people killed and at least 27 people injured outside a bar. The panellists why these gun massacres continue in the States. The Government has announced a new bill that would remove abortion from the Crimes Act, and treat it as a health procedure. The bill would see a statutory test only required after 20 weeks into the pregnancy. The panellists weigh in on what they think of the bill and whether they expect it to pass. The amount of Tarakihi that commercial fishers are allowd to take is about to be slashed, because Tarakihi numbers are in decline. Forest and Bird say this New Zealand staple has almost been fished out of existence. Scott Macindoe, fisheries management at Legasea, explains whether this will save the fish and just how bad stocks are.