8 Jul 2019

The Panel with Verity Johnson and Scott Campbell (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 8 July 2019

Food insecurity is now a term that can be applied to many New Zealand families. A new report from the Ministry of Health says many parents are stressed and anxious about providing food. Almost one in five kiwi kids living in households where they could not afford to eat properly, ran out of food or had to rely on charities. Helen Robinson from the Auckland City Mission explains what's she's seeing. Northland Maori want greater representation in local government. Nearly half of the population in the Far North is Maori but many feel they're shut out from local politics, and this results in disengagement from local politics. The chair of Northland iwi Te Rarawa, Haami Piripi tells us what it would take for Maori to trust local government processes. Multi-level marketing schemes are growing in popularity in New Zealand. Odds on you've seem one on your social media feed. In a nutshell a company sells you a whole lot of product, and you then sell that product off, make a killing and then you retire at the age of 35. Theoretically. Journalist Tes Nichol tells us about what she's discivered about multi-level marketing schemes.